When I went into the discord chat to get caught up on the previous night's activities for the group, This picture was posted by one of the developers, Broxen. He's been working on the Interpolation project for the server for a while now. He said he was getting a little burnt on it, so he decided to look at something else and play around. He found something about the Powers tray and started to goof with it. And what we are seeing now, is another step closer to powers being available in SEGS. But there is still much to do get them them at a playable state.

So I got more context from Broxen, and here’s what he said...

But the end goal will be that we successfully load the starting powers into the trays and into our OwnedPowers array. But yes, those powers won't do anything. Right now clicking on them just spits out missing opcode errors in the server window... But it's a good first step.

The Pull Request for this code is not yet available to be published to the GitHub repository yet. It needs to be reviewed first and merged by Nemerle when he return from his vacation. But it should be known that this will not allow there to be powers available as of right now. There are still subsystems that need to be written and tweaked first. But this is a good first step forward to getting powers up and running. It's just going to take a little time.